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The 2018 Lobster Season is Here!

The 2018 Lobster Season is Here!

July 23rd, 2018 | Key West Events & Festivals

Spiny lobster season is just around the corner! The onset brings the 2-day mini lobster season, Lobsterfest, and of course, spiny lobster appearing in dishes across Key West. Don’t know where to start?  Let us help so you can get crackin’.

Mini Lobster Season: July 25-26

The mini lobster season is like a pre-game to the regular lobster season that begins Aug. 6. What is it exactly? The annual, 2-day period allows sports fishermen to catch lobsters before the big commercial boats do. This year, the mini season falls on July 25-26.

Mini lobster season isn’t exactly a free-for-all. There are rules that are enforced both on and off water. Brush up on the Monroe County mini-season requirements to ensure you enjoy the mini lobster season and play by the rules.

Key West Lobsterfest: August 9-12

The Key West Lobsterfest has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Following the open of spiny lobster season, there’s no better way to celebrate than a lobster boil. In its 22nd year, the event draws lobster lovers to Key West to partake in chowing down on one of the island’s favorite crustaceans.

The lobster boil is set for Aug. 9 at The Roof at 201 William Street and includes lobster, shrimp, crawfish and more. There’s also the 3-hour catamaran cruise, a Friday night Duval Crawl and everyone’s favorite event on Saturday, Aug. 11: the Lobsterfest Street Fair. The event runs from noon to 11 pm on the 100-500 blocks of Duval Street. Live music and vendors make the array of lobster fare all the more tasty. Read up on what’s planned at the Key West Lobsterfest page.

Lobster Season: Aug. 6 through May 31

Good news for out-of-towners: lobster season runs eight glorious months of the year, so chances are you’ll run into a spiny lobster plate during your trip to Key West. Spiny lobster isn’t as sweet as its northern cousin, nor does it have claws to yield claw meat. The spiny lobster cooks well with other ingredients rather than on its own like the Maine lobster. If you’re hankering for either, here’s a guide to the best places to eat lobster in Key West.

Catching lobsters

Into the idea of catching a lobster? There are useful techniques to “tickling” a lobster out of its covered area. Florida Keys Reel Adventures offers charters led by fishermen versed in the art of catching lobsters. Book their special lobstering charter here. Want to know what to expect? Check out Salt Strong’s guide to catching lobster in the Florida Keys without using scuba gear.



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