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Our Favorite Art Galleries in Key West

Our Favorite Art Galleries in Key West

March 2nd, 2017 | Activities

This is part 4 of our series, “The Gateway to Key West,” featuring local recommendations in the Conch Republic. 

From famous figures like Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams to the island’s vibrant local art scene, Key West has always been a haven for artists. That said, it’s only natural that Key West is overflowing with galleries. With exhibitions from internationally recognized artists to local favorites, the art galleries in Key West put on quite the show. Here are our favorite art galleries to peruse in Key West: 

DE LA Gallery

We love DE LA and its photographer-owner Jorge de la Torriente with it. With his serene images of Key West, Cuba, and even some of Europe, we’re amazed at the beautiful art he is able to create from such everyday sights. While you could just roam around The Gates to see his photographs, we recommend stopping by DE LA to get a full view at his work. 

South Pointe Gallery

Easily one of the most interesting galleries on the island, South Pointe Gallery collects vintage posters from all over the world, but especially from Europe. Here you can find original prints, ranging from Art Deco and Art Nouveau to contemporary lithographs by Key West printmakers. 

Gallery on Greene

The Gallery on Greene offers an impressive selection of internationally-acclaimed contemporary artists, as well as the works of Pulitzer Prize winners. Curated by Nance Frank, this gallery offers a unique and personal look into the island with all its creativity. Look for their collections by Mario Sanchez, Peter Vey, and Andy Thurber. 

Lucky Street Gallery

Another prized art gallery in the Conch Republic, Lucky Street Gallery has been around for over 30 years. Always maintaining a high quality and a reputation as one of the premier contemporary art galleries, Lucky Street Gallery features work by artists such as Roberta Marks, Susan Sugar, and Debra Yates. 

Glass Reunions

Part fine art, part workshop, Glass Reunions is a creative concept in itself. With collections ranging from stemware and vases, to jewelry and kaleidoscopes, Glass Reunions features both fine art and handcrafted original pieces by American artisans. There’s nothing else like it on the island. Stop by and see for yourself.