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Packing Don'ts for your Key West Vacation

Packing Don'ts for your Key West Vacation

December 3rd, 2019 | Activities

Don’t overpack

Key West is every bit of laid back, so leave the high heels at home. Pack lightweight clothing that you can mix and match, rather than specific outfits. While you’re packing, consider if it’s something you’d want to wear all day. Most outings in Old Town span hours to a full-day affair.

Don’t underestimate the importance of comfortable shoes. Repeat.

The southernmost island’s relatively small size is a plus, but once you’re out making the rounds in Old Town, it won’t feel quite so small! Sandals and flip flops can be a comfortable alternative to sweaty socks and sneakers, but you’ll want to make sure they have the right support. If not, by day three you’ll be really feeling it.

Don’t bring a bulky beach bag

The bigger the bag, the more things you’ll bring that you don’t necessarily need. As an alternative, bring an eco tote bag or a light backpack for your daily outings. That way, you can bring a change of clothes to the beach, sunscreen, water, and whatever else you may need for the day.

Don’t forget sun protection

Whether it’s a hat, shades, sunscreen, or a beach cover-up, don’t forget the detail that is sunshine in Key West. If you forget something crucial, there are plenty of shops along Duval Street where you can find something you’ve forgotten. Remember to pack mineral-based sunscreen for Key West to help protect our beautiful coral reef!

Don’t be caught without a hangover remedy

Hangovers happen, and no one in Key West is judging you for it. While the local shops have just about everything you could need for the morning after a night out on Duval Street, you don’t want to be caught without! Pack what you can ahead of time, and while you’re at it, make a mental note to stay hydrated. If you forget something, it’s no problem: there are three CVS pharmacies within a 1-mile radius of each other on Duval Street.

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