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What Do I Need to Rent a Scooter, E-Car or Golf Cart in Key West?

What Do I Need to Rent a Scooter, E-Car or Golf Cart in Key West?

March 25th, 2019 | Activities

You may have seen them zooming around town – electric cars, scooters and golf carts. Key West tends to move at a relaxed pace, and these neighborhood electric vehicles can be especially useful for sightseeing around Old Town.

You’ll find most of these rental agencies all around Old Town, especially on Duval Street. Daily shuttle service included in your stay at The Gates Hotel will bring you right to Mallory Square, where you can find an agency (many of which we’ve listed below!).

Take a load off your feet, round up friends or family and rent yourself a little transportation device to explore Key West. Here we’ll address all of your questions.


Where can I drive a golf cart or electric car in Key West?

Golf carts and electric vehicles may be used on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less. The good news is, the streets in Old Town have a maximum speed limit of 20 miles per hour, so you’re good to cruise around. 

What are the age requirements?

This depends on the rental agency you choose, but just about all require a minimum age of 18 to operate a vehicle. 

Do I need a driver’s license?

Yes, you must have a valid driver’s license to rent any vehicle. 

Can kids come along?

In most cases, kids are permitted to ride aboard electric vehicles or golf carts, though require helmets. This will also depend on which rental company you select. 

Do parking rules apply?

Yes! The same rules of the road apply for electric vehicles, period. There are, however ,plenty of designated scooter parking spots around Duval Street. 

Is alcohol permitted?

Nope! No drinking and driving, no matter the vehicle.

Can you point me to scooter & golf cart rental companies?

Here are just a few of the many agencies available on the island:

A&M Rentals Key West
(305) 896-1921
523 Truman Ave, Key West

Pirate Rentals
(305) 295-0000
401 Southard St, Key West

Hydrothunder of Key West
(305) 294-7000
601 Front Street, Key West

Sunshine Scooters
(305) 294-9990
1910 N. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West

Blue Sky Rentals Key West
(305) 896-3298
1020 and 805 Duval St., Key West

Conch Electric Cars of Key West
(305) 294-0995
100 Grinnell St., Key West

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